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  • £ 33.24

    4-Cycle (or 4 stroke) marine engine oil keeps your engine cool when the going gets hot This is a multiviscosity 25W-40 oil that you can run during any boating season Used regularly, it will reduce engine wear and corrosion, protect against chemical attack, keeps pistons clean, prevent ring from sticking and inhibit rust and slidge deposists Meets SPI...

    £ 33.24
  • £ 84.85

    An advanced Premium Plus blend oil formulated for 2-cycle outboard engines. It contains extra dispersants & detergents to give the best possible protection against the adverse effects of low quality fuel. Improves engine efficiency, fights corrosion, extends spark plug life & burns cleaner as well as protecting against carbon & harmful...

    £ 84.85
  • £ 34.99

    Surpasses API requirements for SJ, CF-4 and CH-4.Premium, synthetic blend engine oil designed for 4 stroke high-performance outboards, gasoline inboards and stern drives.Additive package optimizes engine cleanliness, prevents sludge build up.Shear-stable polymer additives plus synthetic base stocks maintain proper viscosity under extremely harsh marine...

    £ 34.99
  • £ 23.76

    High quality multi-purpose lubricant to withstand extreme friction and to provide added water resistance. Can not be used on needle bearings or other internal engine parts.

    £ 23.76
  • £ 16.00

    For 3-1/2 - 3-7/8 diameter filters.Heavy Duty Unit for larger filters. Swivel handle for use in confined areas.

    £ 16.00
  • £ 44.99

    Cures and prevents most ethanol problems.Makes all engines start easily, run smoothly; improves performance.Removes and prevents gum, carbon and varnish.Works in all engines and in all fuel.Helps prevent phase seperation by dispersing water throughout fuel as submicron-sized droplets that are safely eliminated while the engine operates.Improves...

    £ 44.99
  • £ 20.00

    Special PTEF formula will not wash off.Protects from -65F to +650F Reduces wear and friction.Non-toxic, non-staining. Great on zippers, winches, etc.

    £ 20.00
  • £ 19.01

    Protects fuel and engine components during storage.Prevents corrosion of fuel tank and fuel delivery system.Stops formation of gum and sludge, insures quick starts after storage.One product does it all- stabilizes and fogs in one step.Stabilizes diesel for two years.

    £ 19.01
  • £ 33.24

    4-Cycle Outboard Oil engineered to maintain a high performance for 4-cycles marine engines.

    £ 33.24
  • £ 18.43

    For use in gear housings of Mercury, MerCruiser sterndrives and all outboard lower units. Do not mix with Quicksilver Premium Gear Lube or any other gear lubricants. Use of any other gear lubricant in a Mercury High - Performance drive may have an adverse effect on gear life. Do not use in OMC electric shift gearcases. Quicksilver Hi Performance Lube...

    £ 18.43
  • £ 32.99

    Exceeds performance specification for E-Tec, FICHT, Optimax and HPDI engines.Contains PIB viscosity modifier to greatly improve lubricity and to reduce smoking.High-detergent formula removes deposits from fuel delivery system.Synthetic blend ashless formula minimizes piston ring sticking and protects against pre-ignition problems.Environmentally friendly,...

    £ 32.99
  • £ 11.99

    Star Tron Enzyme Formula Ring Clean+ is formulated with the latest technology for deposit control, plus a proprietary enzyme package designed to remove the toughest deposits while helping to prevent the formation of new deposits. Ring Clean+ removes deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports, and combustion chambers that can...

    £ 11.99
Showing 1 - 12 of 98 items